People’s Voice Edition: Mayor Dyster’s State of the City, Niagara Falls “Finally on a Roll”

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Mayor Dyster’s State of the City: Niagara Falls “Finally on a Roll”


David Santos:

“Crime is down because the population in the falls is down.”


Joseph James Kurek:

“That’s a bunch of bull every time I look in the paper or look on the internet somebody in Niagara Falls is getting robbed shot gunpoint beat up I guess they don’t count those.”


Frank Bauhm:

“I just read the Gazette story on Dyster’s speech in the “performing arts center.” He gave the speech in the correct location because it was all an act. The Gazette photo of the applauding people? Those were city employees and department heads. Dyster considers the water board and the city to be like “quarreling lovers”? If they’re the lovers then why are the residents the ones getting effed? Dyster only supported the idea of repairing the water treatment facility after the illegal sewage dumping hit the national media. He said the City and Seneca are “teammates.” Really? Then why did he threaten to cut off fire protection from his Seneca teammates in 2013 and threaten to blockade the Seneca parking ramp in 2016? And he offers the city as a place for youth…because of a skate park. Don’t mention the rising taxes, rising crime and shrinking population (and don’t you mention it either, Gazette, or the mayor will stop sending you business). Dyster’s speech wasn’t delusional. It was far worse than that. Because he knew exactly what he was saying. It was cynical and misleading.”


Michael Svida:

“He mentioned it’s down over the last 5 years, what about the last 12 months. For a small city there sure is a lot of gun crimes.”


JoAnn D’Aloise-Bennett:

“Of course the Gazette won’t report all the robbery and shootings because they along with Dyster want you to think the city is doing amazing, what a joke.”


Derek Clendening:

“There wasn’t this much crazy crime in my old neighborhood of walnut 19th a few years ago and now we have shootings on Hyde park lol looks like crime is spreading at an alarming rate.”


Patricia Snyder:

“There’s your Common core Math at work for ya! Wow what a joke”


Rick Smith:

“I guess daily shootings, hit and runs and burglaries don’t count.”


Dan Baldwin:

“Of course there is less crime, it is because people are leaving Niagara Falls. Less people, less crime.”


Anna M. Aquino:

“Yeah right! Like I’m Dorothy and this is the fricken Land of Oz! Crime is down. What a joke!”


Kevin Farrell:

“They use the one, two, skip a few method to count the stats.”



Brian Eckerson:

“Three shootings over the past five days. The city is safer than ever. Lol”


Jaime Lynn:

“Did I read that right, he says crime and robberies are DOWN? Like, the opposite of up?”


Joel Dupras:

“Crime down and train station riders up to a 1000 a day.”





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