People’s Voice Edition: History Lost as Brick Barn Demolished

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Bill Myrtle: Tearing down history what bout almost scum houses in city that bums and addicts can get hurt in tear them down oh wait just get a new mayor.


Dan Davis: Make it a history of Deveaux School Museum. Barn Doors and all!


Dan Dusher: It was a state owned building in a state park that the state basically abandoned and allowed the roof to completely blow off in a previous storm. A building that they attempted to work on the mortar for the bricks and used something that was basically destroying the bricks. So, when making cracks about the city, it was 100% state mismanagement that caused this building to be unstable.


Joe Marielle: State or City [mismanagement] they’re both incompetent. They deserve each other the problem is we’ve had to suffer the consequences.


Vince Filippelli: I think here’s the reasoning; oops, tear it down so in 5-10 years taxpayers can pay to build a replica and guess what? There will be a politician there doing a ribbon cutting and a speech about how they’re helping to bring our history back.


Stan Zimmerman: I agree wholeheartedly with others on this topic , this was the work of NYS with an assist from Mother Nature! That beautiful structure should of been saved, why did it not have historical status? All over the city there are fire traps that need to be removed ASAP before we loose a firefighter or a child ! That I put on city administration and the property owner!


Debra Wendt: Bad judgement. And why would anyone take the original materials, bricks to build a replica when the taxpayers (whose money is always being used because prime land was given to the Seneca Nation although New York taxes EVERY ONE else to death) could have been utilized to fortify the original carriage house. Cutting down all of the beautiful old growth trees on Lewiston Road. Razing all of the beautiful, historical architecture the city was famous for. In its wake boarded dilapidated, off the tax rolls ruins. Whose brain child was this mess?!


Joel Dick: Someone should be held accountable for this demolition. Never thought it would actually take place. There seemed to be ample opposition the past few years. NYS’s will has been done. As it will on Goat Island. All the trees will be removed and Delaware North will have their Lodge!! Another family is being chased from their home town. Thanks NYS.


Tony Swartz: The entire city will be history soon. We’re one giant pothole waiting to happen.


Chris Melson: That’s ok, Niagara Falls looks like it never left the civil war era.


Michael Orzolick: If New Your State had the Roman Colosseum they would tear it down.


Bill Foreman: More money for the demolition contractor.


Suzanne Enterline: Sad they didn’t save it, darn.




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