People’s Voice Edition: Former Board Members Failed to Collect More than $5 Million in Interest for NF Ratepayers

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Michael Panepinto: You should appreciate the Falls reporter for letting us know what’s really going on over there Niagara Falls Gazette wouldn’t print any of this.


Michael Ormike: They weren’t asleep at the switch in regards to the non-interest bearing account this was flat out a criminal act. No doubt someone got paid on the sly. You just have to find out who it is.


Tim Huether: Amazing find…..I wonder who the original sleuth was?


John Russell: And these are the kind of things that got us where we are! And worse yet, it wasn’t stopped or fixed!! We have idiots in charge! But guess what, we did nothing to fix either!!


Lisa Talarico: The Niagara Reporter should investigate and find out who’s friend or family member benefited from that 600k !


JoAnn D’Aloise-Bennett: Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you earn interest on the money…should have been a given a long time ago.


Ronald Bitting: It’s awful that we the citizens of this city are the ones that suffer from these so called political leaders decisions !! And the Niagara Falls two-page Gazette won’t publish real news; this is something the people should know. This city has depleted from 240,000 people to roughly 40,000 in a 35 year span simply because of the political leaders.


Ed Polka: You can’t teach that stupid!!!!


Annette Lu Niagara Quaranto: So many banks paying good interest rates.


James Smith: This story is just amazing. Whether political motivated or not the particulars are just amazing.


Lew Blevins Jr.: 5 Million in potential interest lost. Who would NOT put that sum of money into an interest bearing account? Ineptitude at its best.


Lynne Nichols Scheiner: Is this really so? Why weren’t the board members upset?


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