People’s Voice Edition: Dyster says Crime is Down in State of City Address, Niagara Reporter Investigates

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Dyster says Crime is Down in State of the City Address: Niagara Reporter Investigates



Kevin Hutchinson:

“People that live here know the truth, Dyster the Shyster, is a fraud, a criminal, him being a liberal Democrat has nothing to do with it, he is just a bad dude, running the city into the ground.”


Tim Huether:

“Statistics are easily manipulated to fit any agenda. Regardless of any statistic, if you really wanna know about crime rates, ask the citizens if they feel safe in the city. Just because numbers on a spread sheet or presentation display are small does not mean the area is safe! Maybe the REPORTED crime numbers are down but most areas In this city are not safer unfortunately.”


Patricia Snyder:

“I think he is getting his numbers from the Niagara Gazette, cause you know they don’t report 90% of the crimes in this city.”


Mike Shepard:

“Mayor Dyster, I would like to take you on a tour of this city’s streets. I’ll drive. Your car. OK?”


Donna Kraft Deters:

“I live in the city! I have never witnessed a crime.. But then again. I don’t go out after dark. I also don’t hang around criminals.”


Marc Charsley:

“Could have with all the gun shots we keep hearing and people’s homes getting shot let alone the amount of murders . This city is the most dangerous per capita.”


Louis Rizzo:

“Never seen the city so bad. Reducing crime is a step in the right direction. But we are in rough shape.”


Leo Zientara:

“Of course it is. The police station dissuades people from filing theft reports on anything smaller than a car. Officers will tell you they’re not going to find it anyway so it’s a lot of paperwork for nothing. Go try it.”


Tammy Wable-Santos:

“Yep! The city is rolling in the right direction-RIGHT DOWN HILL!”


Robert A. Krause:

“I would love to see the mayor walk down 19th street.”






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