People’s Voice Edition: Buckle Up Niagara Falls, It’s Going to be A Bumpy Ride

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Dave Hathaway: And Dyster want to use the pothole buster that only last maybe a year. Waste of money. Just need to fix them the right way without using a cheap blacktop.


Ross Johnson Jr.: Dyster needs to take responsibility as a fiscally irresponsible Mayor instead of blaming all his problems on the casino money.


Max Teller: Wait till the tourists start coming. They will never come here again. The roads around even the casino area are a mess. No pothole buster is going to fix that mess.


Greg Etopio: What’s worse is the “fixed” roads are bad too. My street was replaced in September. It’s lower at the end of the driveway than before, so every time I pull off the apron my car scrapes the ground. Water now pools in places too. The other end of the four block long street (shouldn’t have been hard to lay it evenly) is perfectly even with the driveway aprons.


Betty Pasquantino Foster: East Falls Street was done last year. What a mess! I wish the mayor would drive down EVERY street in this city and just see what it’s like.


Frank Bauhm: The New York State Comptroller ordered the city – following a blistering 2013 state audit of city finances – to stop using casino revenue to close the deficit. The MAYOR and COUNCIL went ahead misusing the casino revenue to close that deficit and distort the budget every year since then. And NOW everyone is surprised that the money is gone, that it’s been misused and that the budget is in disastrous shape. That clucking-around sound we hear are the chickens coming home to roost.


Kevin Hutchinson: Even the roads that were repaired, the were done on the cheap, causing water line issues.

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