People Voice Edition: NYS Purchases 32 Properties Downtown

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Residents voice their opinions on issues affecting Niagara Falls.


Don Harrigan: Not sure if my post went through but I was just back in Niagara Falls and it is an atrocity. It is a wasteland that should not be inhabited. The water table is contaminated and all I can say is people should not allowed to live in it. There is no way to clean it up but they continue to tell people it is controlled. I have an aunt that lives on the border of Love canal and they say that is ok ????? I am both a clinical pharmacist and advanced degree chemical engineer and I say people running these area are still Assholes and look only to make money. Each person should look at their families and ask how many people died from cancer. I know the answer. I am 66 years old and worry that I may have an issue. Shut the place the place down and stop continuing to hurt more people.

Danielle Nicole Beal: Whats sad is people spend so much money to go see this wonder of the world, only to get there see no tourist attractions, Niagara Falls itself half cut off from visitors as they are doing never ending construction, they get to breath in cancerous fumes & have a high chance of getting mugged or shot…will probally stumble across some heroin needles…hell probally see someone shooting up right in front of them. On their way to the only thing anyone ends up doing (shopping) they will possibly see a fight, deff more abandoned houses or house that should be abandoned vs nice homes…and when they find the main shopping area they will see a nice scene of some pretty hills dead center of the city & find out that is whats making the city reek, cause its a damn landfill!!! Anyone who spends their time and money to visit Niagara Falls, New York for a expecting fun vacation should get a refund if they weren’t made to sign a disclaimer. So glad we moved and my son will not be growing up there!!!

Bob Ballentine: Interesting that they found contaminants in the one area of the city which never really had industry sitting atop it.

Tj Griggs: Our homes are built on lime rocks which over the years break up and let off radiation that causes cancer. (This is what Roswell told me).

Charlene Lelievre: Great is there an inch of soil that’s not polluted in this town!!!

Cheryl Krucenski: Pave over Niagara Falls and make it a parking lot for Canada. This is so sad and disgusting.

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