Old Fort Niagara to Hold Largest War of 1812 Reenactment in its History

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Old Fort Niagara will host the largest War of 1812 event in its history on July 28 and 29. The fort was selected by the War of 1812 Grand Tactical Committee to host its biggest annual event, the War of 1812 Grand Encampment, which attracts hundreds of reenactors from the United States and Canada and will feature U.S. and British land forces, naval vessels, personnel and artillery, Native allies, tactical demonstrations and living-history programming.

The event brings to life the conflict between the U.S. and Britain that resulted in battles of artillery and muskets, as well as destructive fires, along a then-contentious border between the U.S. and Canada. Fort Niagara was under American control when the war began until the British made a surprise attack in December 1813, which resulted in the fort being surrendered to the British.

“We’re anticipating a large turnout of reenactors for this grand encampment and are excited to welcome them and visitors for an exciting weekend of living history,” said Robert Emerson, Executive Director of the Old Fort Niagara Association. “The naval aspect of this event, with boats sailing on Lake Ontario, will make this a fresh experience for visitors. The event will be similar in size to the annual French and Indian War Encampment, but will feature history from 1812 and 1813.”

Visitors will have a chance to learn about soldiers’ and sailors’ uniforms, weaponry, drills and life in service; watch large-scale battle demonstrations; participate in Regency country dancing with instruction provided; attend an history lecture; and kids can join a wooden-musket army and play games.

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