By J Gary DiLaura

We have pretty much been a two party Republic for quite a long time. The beautiful part of our system is that it is a constitutional republic versus a democracy! That means that even though the majority or winning party rules, under the Republic, the winning party MUST provide the same rights to all because of our Rule of Law. The ruling party must honor our Bill of Rights and our Constitution! If we were a democracy, the elected, ruling party would only provide the losing party the rights THEY want to provide! The Constitution and our Rule of Law would be gone and we would be a Socialist Nation, by definition and by fact!  The Democrat party has been hijacked by the “progressives” and are letting them steal your country! Thank goodness many of you stepped up the past election and replaced 1,040+ Democrat seats in the country!

In my opinion, MOST Democrats believe in the Republic, the Constitution and our Rule of law. Most Democrat party leaders do not! The leaders want a new order, a Socialist America, a much bigger government financed by the wealthy right, not the wealthy left.

Look at just some of the  laws the Dem leaders push… legalize pot… choose which bathroom you want to use…  choose your sex…give illegal, criminal aliens sanctuary… create sanctuary zones where Federal law doesn’t apply…no private gun ownership….teach Islam in schools…allow Sharia law in Muslim communities! I simply do not believe that main stream Constitutional Democrats want that for America? Would you want your little girl in a bathroom when a gender challenged male walked in? I think not but if you continue to remain silent and don’t “slap your Democrat leaders across the face, hard” with your votes and your outrage you could completely lose everything! My guess is most Democrats believe in fundamentally, the same Rule of law as Republicans but because their leaders are not truthful, they are being duped!

Their leaders are….Barack Hussein Obama, still the leader of the party, who is still pushing for “change”. Even if you are not sure or don’t believe he is an Islamic Muslim (which he is) you cannot deny that he’s a radical “progressive/socialist”! Then there’s Pelosi, Reed and Ribbon Cutter Schumer. Following them are Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman Schulz, Dianne Feinstein, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and last but least, Hillary!

There are also two Muslims who were elected to the House, as hard as that is to believe, Keith Ellison and Andre Carson!

I am dying to ask Rep Keith Ellison and Rep Andre Carson of Indiana if they believe in the separation of Church and State because a “Muslim” cannot believe in the separation of Church and State!

It amazes me that NOT ONE of the press corps, that claims to be our “watchdogs”, has asked these two elected Congressmen how they can possibly believe in Islam with one Supreme leader and NO separation of Church and State (the foundation of Islam), and our Constitution with the separation of Church and State (the foundation of America), at the same time?

The point I’m trying to make is this; what has made this country so great is every 4 years we elect a President and we are the only Nation in the world that has a peaceful transition from one leader to another if a new leader is elected…up until now! For the first time in modern history and maybe all of our history, a handful of losers won’t accept they lost, won’t let go because their Socialist, non- Constitutional leaders keep stoking the fire! They are determined to OBSTRUCT, for the sake of obstructing, destroy, lie, cheat, steal, burn, riot until they get their way!

In other words, they are proving, to the entire world, that what I say is true, they do not believe in our Rule of Law anymore and want a new “Socialist America”! If that’s not what you want as either a Democrat or Republican then stand up and support your new and duly elected President!

All Americans must support our new President as he tries to protect our way of life instead of “changing” our way of life, like Obama and a handful of others want. We don’t want our Constitutional Republic changed into a Socialist Democracy.

If I were President Trump I WOULD allow Obama Care to collapse and let the Democrat leaders explain why a totally Democrat law, with no input from any Republicans, failed, leaving millions with NO health care!

Fortunately for you, President Trump won’t allow anyone to go without health care, so support him!

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