NY Attorney General Releases Disturbing Body Cam Footage in Troy Hodge Case

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By: Staff Reporter

The New York State Attorney General’s Office released the following police bodycam video regarding the death of Troy Hodge. Below is a rough transcript of events in the video:

Officer: I’ve got to check you out. Do you have any weapons on you, Troy?

Hodge: Don’t kill me, man.

Officer: No one is going to kill you, Troy.

Officer: Stop resisting. You are under arrest. Stop moving.

***there is a moment about five minutes into the video where you can see that one of the officers puts their foot on Troy’s neck for about 70 seconds**

Officer: He’s doing fine over here. He’s breathing. We’re going to get him some medical attention now.

**a minute and a half later Troy loses consciousness**

Officer: Troy. He’s sleeping now. He was on something. He will come back too.

Officer: Oh, yeah, I’m not worried.

**officers then flip Troy over and discover he has no pulse**

Officer: Yeah, he was just breathing.

**after incident around five minute mark where officer puts his foot on Troy’s neck, he does not move or say another word**

EMT: He’s not breathing. He’s not breathing. Take them off. Push him and get the cuffs off — the cuffs off now. We have no pulse, no nothing, guys.

**this is around the ten minute mark in the video and you can see Troy’s mother Fatima watching the entire incident**

Officer: This is all for his own safety and ours too. When he comes after us, we have to make sure he…

Mother: You shouldn’t have choked him. I’m not saying you police choked him, but someone choked my child. He’s out of it. Why did you grab his face like that? I don’t understand, officer. That’s why I told you don’t kill my child.

Officer: Nobody’s going to kill anybody.

**Troy’s mother is who called law enforcement saying she was concerned for the safety of her son after he allegedly ingested muscle relaxers and Suboxone**

The attorney general’s office released four police body cam videos in total and one audio recording. These videos are from the Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies as the Lockport Police Officers who responded to the scene did not have their body cams on.

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