NXIVM ‘Cult’ named as part of the reason Dalai Lama suspends secretary Lama Tenzin Dhonden

The Dalai Lama’s secretary, Lama Tenzin Dhonden, has been suspended. High ranking members of The Dalai Lama’s Tibetan government in exile say that Lama Tenzin faced an internal investigation after accusations surfaced about an alleged extortion of a businessman in connection to an appearance of The Dalai Lama in California.

Lama Tenzin might have escaped censure for that episode, since there were two sides to that story.

See Sara Bronfman’s Lover, Lama Tenzin, suspended by Dalai Lama over corruption claims

What is looming larger is Lama Tenzin’s ties to NXIVM. It was through Lama Tenzin that the Dalai Lama came to Albany to speak in May 2009 and greet Keith Raniere onstage.

It goes deeper: I suspect a large part of the reason for Lama Tenzin’s suspension is that he violated his vows of celibacy as a monk when he engaged in a well known and sordid sexual affair with Sara Bronfman, a high ranking member of NXIVM.

Buddhist monks take strict vows of chastity.

There have been several stories about Lama Tenzin’s suspension in the Guardian and elsewhere.

The latest story, from Trike Daily, a Tibetan Buddhism publication, brings NXIVM front and center in the controversy. Tenzin Dhonden, Dalai Lama’s Gatekeeper and “Personal Emissary for Peace,” Replaced as Executive Secretary

The sub-headline of Trike’s story speaks volumes:

“Tenzin Dhonden apparently faced an internal investigation after allegations of corruption, bullying, and ties to the cult Nxivm.”

Lama Tenzin Dhonden’s has been replaced by Tashi Namgyal Khamshitsang as acting secretary.

According to Trike: “His departure was welcomed by Thupten Jinpa, His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s longtime translator, in a letter sent to Dalai Lama Trust members and obtained by Tricycle.

“For someone who have had the honor and good fortune to serve His Holiness for over three decades, it had been painful to see how His Holiness’ name and legacy was slowly getting caught in unnecessary distractions (Albany-based NXIVM) and discordant messages (of rich and celebrity orientation).” Mr. Jinpa wrote.

Mr. Jinpa with the Dalai Lama on stage in Albany.


Mr. Jinpa, the Dalai Lama, and Sara Bronfman [r]

Thupten Jinpa acted as translator when the Dalai Lama appeared in Albany in May 2009. Also on stage were the Bronfman sisters, Sara and Clare Bronfman, both of whom are high ranking members of NXIVM and Seagrams heiresses.

I took the trouble to comment on the Trike story as follows:

I have reported that the so-called monk, Lama Tenzin had a sexual affair with Sara Bronfman, Seagram heiress, and member of NXIVM cult.

  Here is a candid picture of Lama Tenzin with his lover Sara Bronfman.


Thumbnail  The second picture is Lama Tenzin in an un-monk-like pose with TV actress Allison Mack.


Everyone in NXIVM knew the monk was a fraud. NXIVM used him to get the Dalai Lama to come to Albany and endorse the cult leader, Keith Raniere. The Dalai Lama was too wise to fall for this and DID NOT endorse the cult or its leader.https://frankreport.com/201…


The Dalai Lama presents Vanguard with a white sash, which ironically is the sash NXIVM gives to beginners.


Sara Bronfman had had an open and notorious sexual relationship with Lama Tenzin. 

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