NOT AGAIN!!!!!! Grandinetti lashes out at critics in meltdown Facebook posting

Kristen Grandinetti is angry.

Very angry.

“I am saddened by the amount of people who believe the nonsense they read,” she wrote on her Facebook page this week. “I don’t not appreciate being called a thief. I do not appreciate being accused of illegal activity.”

Not for nothing, but the city councilwoman was caught red handed accepting a health care “opt out” payment of $6,186 more than she was she was entitled to in 2011 and forced to make restitution.

And last year, she was found to be operating an illegal bed and breakfast in her Orchard Parkway home. Only after it made headlines in this and other newspapers did she take the steps to comply with city law.

Nobody called her a thief or accused her of anything. The health care debacle was simply reported, as were her restitution payments. And the illegal bed and breakfast was, in fact, illegal.

“Every penny of the casino money can be accounted for and is on a public document available to all,” she continued. “I love this city and would not hurt it or any of you.”

Bless her heart.

She called upon her constituents, the taxpayers of Niagara Falls. to show “decency.”

“If you have a question about something I have said or done, have the decency to call me and ask me. 523-2339,” she wrote.

The crabby councilwoman has a long and checkered history on Facebook. In July, she advised local filmmaker Ken Cosentino to leave the city if he didn’t like the way Mayor Paul Dyster was running it.

“If you don’t like where you are, MOVE, You are not a tree,” Ms. Grandinetti posted to Mr. Cosentino on public forum on Facebook.

Mr. Cosentino was not pleased by the crude councilwoman’s snarky comment.

“Kristen Grandinetti insulted the people of Niagara Falls and told me personally that I should move,” he told the Reporter. “Dozens of people, many whom I don’t even know, fired back at her with their disgust in our elected officials. She was quickly turned into a meme, I saw at least four different versions circulating the Internet today.”

So many and varied have been the councilwoman’s Facebook faux pas that, during the last election cycle, Mayor Paul Dyster asked that she stay off the computer for a month, so as not to hurt his reelection chances.

She’s called her employer, the Niagara Falls City School District, “borderline criminal” for not teaching the sexual education curriculum she personally endorses. She had to publicly apologize for that. And she used the social networking site to condemn the Roman Catholic Church she was raised in and announce her conversion to Episcopal faith and a new lesbian friendly church in Buffalo.

Who can forget her battle, on Facebook and in Council chambers, against kitty cats and the Niagara Falls taxpayers who own them?

And in 2014, she posted a video depicting a group of six year old girls repeatedly using the word f*ck as some sort of protest about the way grown women are treated in America, generating another wave of criticism and controversy.

Ms. Grandinetti’s obsessive and compulsive Facebook oversharing have made her a citywide laughingstock. She should take her own advice. A public official who can’t take criticism is not a tree.

She should move.

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