North Tonawanda Community Gardens

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

It’s just a pile of dirt right now but soon these garden plots will be in full bloom. Located in the 200 Block of Sommer Street in North Tonawanda, it’s called Imagine Community Gardens. Back in January Pastor Chad Rieselman from the Lumber City Church proposed the idea for the garden. Nearly 4 months later the garden beds are nearly complete. The goal is to help people in the area grow healthy food and once it is picked a private chef is going to come in and teach people, how to cook and eat healthy. The goal is to help people save money on groceries and lead a healthier lifestyle.

It will also help to support local food pantries and provide more than $3000.00 worth of fresh vegetables.

Volunteers say they will be coming out every weekend to work on the gardens.

For City Official’s the garden will not just help feed people in North Tonawanda but they also are hoping the rebirth of the land will help to spread positive changes to an area that was un-used for so long.





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