Niagara Falls Water Board Updates Residents on City Hall Bill Payments

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The Niagara Falls Water Board on Buffalo Avenue.


By: Staff Reporter

On December 12, two utility poles that carry the Spectrum-owned communications cable linking the City’s billing and collections office to the Water Board’s computer system were downed as a result of a motor vehicle accident.  The Water Board repeatedly has requested that Spectrum repair this communications line.  Repairs are anticipated to be completed on December 30, 2020.

This communications issue prevents City Hall staff from entering payments into the Water Board’s electronic system at the time the payments are received.  Until the communications cable is restored, payments received and processed by City Hall billing and collections are being transmitted to the Water Board for recording.

All payments received are date stamped, and no late fees will be charged for accounts timely paid at City Hall but not recorded at that time.  Until normal operations are restored, the Water Board asks the public’s patience when requesting account balance information, as there may be some delay between payment and recording in the account.

Customers also are reminded that the Water Board offers online e-check bill payment for customers paying with a checking account:

For more information on the NFWB, go to:

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