Niagara Falls Premieres Buffalo-Made Comedy About Slap Fighting

This may be the first slap fight movie ever created.

On April 22nd, 2023, Slapped Straight premiered in Niagara Falls, at the Capitol Theatre at 720 Builders Way.

Slap fighting is a sport where two fighters take turns slapping each other in the face, and seeing who can stay conscious the longest.

Slapped Straight is a 2 hour and 15 minute action comedy about Slap Fighting, which follows the life of Gary Nichols after meeting upcoming slap fighter “HotHands.”

They become friends as HotHands brings a new perspective to Gary’s life, helping him face his fears, as HotHands himself goes up against the Slap Fight Champion BlockHead Red.

Luminary Figures Group, a local film production company run by David O. Anderson and Raynel T. Almonte, began production of “Slapped Straight” in April 2022. It was filmed in Buffalo, NY.

“This is a Buffalo Film for sure, with A LOT of hiphop!” Anderson said. “From the characters, to the opening theme, the soundtrack, and the editing, directing, and cinematography, the theme is definitely hip hop.”

At the premiere, when the movie started, and throughout the film, the audience filled the theater with laughter. At the end, the crowd rose to their feet and gave the film a standing ovation.

Luminary is screening an encore June 10th, 2023 at Capitol Theatre at 7pm.

Luminary Brothers has created four short films since its inception, and “Slapped Straight” its first feature length film.

Here are some photos from the film:

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