Demetreus Nix’s Political Dispute with Mayor Restaino Takes a Criminal Turn

Demetreus Nix, a man with a troubled past, has once again found himself in hot water thanks to what may be a political vendetta against him. Nix, who spent time in prison for homicide, turned his life around and started a construction business. But the Niagara Falls Mayoral Candidate has repeatedly been targeted by Joseph Chick from the Department of Code Enforcement.

Demetreus Nix

Demetreus Nix

Chick has allegedly pulled Nix’s legal construction permit, falsely telling Nix’s client that they needed to file for a permit and hire another contractor to do the work.  This occurred the same day Nix was burying his three-year-old daughter, causing him and his family unimaginable stress and anxiety on an already somber day.

Chick’s actions are the latest volley in efforts to destroy Nix’s livelihood.

The conflict between Nix and Chick seems to stem from Nix’s attempt to hold a Juneteenth Festival event on a rarely-traveled city street. Despite a favored group being allowed to hold an event on the steps of Niagara Falls City Hall, Nix was denied the same opportunity on his street, on which he owned the only house.

Niagara Falls Mayor Robert Restaino at a Juneteenth event.

Niagara Falls Mayor Robert Restaino at a Juneteenth event.

Nix went ahead with the event anyway, which was attended by more people than the City Hall event and with a different crowd. Mayor Robert Restaino showed up at Nix’s home after the City Hall event, but when he took the microphone to address the crowd, Nix took it from him and wouldn’t let him finish. Nix was still miffed City Hall didn’t issue him a permit. He claims that Restaino has been out to get him ever since.

Chick has been involved in several incidents with Nix, including placing a Stop Work order on Nix’s community center, school, and event center and accusing Nix of using his own garbage cans rather than the city-provided cans. This is all in addition to Chick’s actions on the day of Nix’s daughter’s funeral.

Handcuffed - Is this a case of political retribution, or are the charges against Demetreus Nix legitimate?

Handcuffed – Is this a case of political retribution, or are the charges against Demetreus Nix legitimate?

Nix now finds himself in even deeper trouble as he has been apprehended by the Niagara Falls police and indicted in connection with a break-in on Pierce Avenue and accused of second-degree burglary, second-degree criminal mischief, and fourth-degree grand larceny. The authorities are alleging that he stole $1,500 worth of construction equipment and caused $30,000 in damages to the property.

He has also been implicated in another burglary at an apartment building on 20th Street, which is under the control of the same proprietors as the Pierce Avenue property. The evidence in the cases includes fingerprints, video tapes, and other forensic evidence.

Nix claims that his fingerprints would be at the Pierce Avenue property because he did all the work on the house. He is represented by Attorney Rodney Giove.

He believes that his latest troubles may be directly related to his political dispute with Restaino and his mayoral candidacy. Nix’s campaign plans may be in jeopardy due to the indictment, as the City Charter includes a provision that forbids elected city officials from holding office if they have been found guilty of a crime that involves “moral turpitude.”

United States Senator Chuck Schumer and Niagara Falls Mayor Robert Restaino.

The Niagara Falls Reporter left messages for Demetreus Nix, Joseph Chick, and Attorney Rodney Giove for comment but did not receive a response as of press time.

Demetreus Nix, a man who has worked hard to turn his life around and give back to his community, is now facing serious accusations that could have significant consequences for him and his family. The question remains: is this a case of political retribution, or are the charges against Nix legitimate? Only time will tell.

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