Niagara Falls’ Mayor Restaino Announces Payment of Refuse Fee Delayed

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Niagara Falls City Hall


By: Reporter Staff

Mayor of Niagara Falls Robert M. Restaino announced on social media that the due date for payment of the Refuse Fee (a/k/a Garbage User Fee) has been extended to August 15th as a result of a delay in the mailing of the bills because of the July 4th holiday.

Payment of the Refuse Fee will be done in two separate payments of $90.50, which is the fee for a single residential home. Residents will have the option of paying directly at City Hall or mailing in their payments.


Mayor Robert M. Restaino.


The user fee is the total of all expenses incurred by the City to have our waste hauler collect and dispose of waste per the total number of refuse carts issued, as well as the fees associated with recycling collection and processing. Commercial properties pay a slightly higher rate than the residential route as they may require additional effort to collect and/or the volume of waste is greater than a residential parcel.

Unpaid residential and commercial property bills are the personal liability of the owner of the property. All unpaid bills by the respective due dates will incur a $5.00 per month late charge. Any such unpaid fees and late charges remaining in November will be added to the following year’s property taxes. The amount added to the property taxes will include an additional $15 administrative charge for each delinquent account.


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