Niagara Falls jokes

Now that autumn is here, some of the nights are getting a little cold. In fact, it’s been getting so chilly, some in city government were observed recently with their hands in their own pockets!
Mayor Dyster wanted to find out from Gov. Cuomo why, after having visited the city of Niagara Falls several times when both he and Cuomo were relatively new in office, the governor rarely comes to visit anymore, so he sent the governor an email. In the email, Dyster also asked why the city never received the tens of millions of dollars Cuomo promised for downtown development three years ago.
It wasn’t long before Gov. Cuomo replied, emailing back what appeared to be a coded message that said, “370HSSV-0773H.” To get help deciphering it, Dyster passed it off to Seth Piccirillo, but he couldn’t decode it. Then he gave it to the City Council, and none of those five could figure it out either. Nearly at wit’s end, in desperation the mayor sent the message to the Niagara Falls Police, who enlisted the services of the FBI Special Cryptology Unit in trying to deduce the meaning of the mysterious email.
After a few hours, the FBI replied to the local police – “Tell Dyster he’s holding the message upside down.”
Q: What’s the difference between James Glynn’s Maid of the Mist contract with New York State, and a cow?
A: You can’t milk a cow for fifty years.
Q: Why did the Niagara Falls small business owner cross the street?
A: To take advantage of the support and promotion of economic development initiatives in Niagara Falls by leveraging private investment and encouraging growth and renewal of the tourism industry in the City of Niagara Falls with economic information and technical assistance required by investors from the inquiry phase to the successful completion of a new project.
A tourist from Israel, a tourist from Michigan and a tourist from China board the Discover Niagara shuttle. The driver wakes up and asks, “What is this, some kind of joke?”
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