THE ACTION: Niagara Falls Community Development Announces Upgrades for LaSalle Area Playgrounds

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Niagara Falls Community Development announces Greenway funds have been awarded for two playground upgrades in LaSalle


Earlier this year, Niagara Falls Community Development applied for Niagara River Greenway funds for new playgrounds at Jayne Park on Cayuga Island and 91st Street in LaSalle.

Community Development announced on Tuesday that they have been awarded those funds and the projects are moving forward.

The equipment and installation Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) for both parks are underway and can be found below by clicking the link.

Seth Piccirillo, Director of Community Development, said that his department is committed to completing both projects by the end of 2018.

“From time to time,” said Piccirillo, “we hear that residents feel that LaSalle does not get enough attention from our team. We will continue to prove that to be an opinion that is not currently relevant to our neighborhood by neighborhood approach.”


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