Niagara Falls Community Coming Together to Help Veteran House Renovation

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By: Kenny Tompkins

Given that this is our third update from the original story, I thought it would be smart to give some context about what we are trying to do here.

Timothy and Colleen Degenhardt thought they did their homework when looking for a contractor to build an addition onto their home.

Timothy, a disabled army veteran, has health ailments that limit his ability to use his legs. As a result, the Degenhardt’s were looking to add a bedroom to the back of the house so that Timothy would not have to climb any stairs.

Unfortunately, a project that at first seemed quick and easy, did not stay that way for long.

The “so-called contractor,” Kyle Edwards, who Colleen calls a “criminal” and a “thief,” took their money and left them with nothing but huge trenches in the ground. Some of which were at least two feet deep.



Degenhardt gave Edwards roughly $12,000 towards the project.

The Degenhardt’s filed in Small Claims Court seeking their $12,000 back, but were ultimately unsuccessful. Despite Edwards not showing up to court, the judge only entered a judgment in their favor for $5,000.

Timothy and Colleen found out the hard way that a judgement and collecting on a judgment are two different things. As a result, not one cent has been collected.

In a true display of community, numerous businesses have donated their time, supplies and money to make this project a reality.

With the concrete pour completed, H. W. Bryk returned to the site to dig out the center and install the sump pump, crock and gutter drainage.

A layer of thick poly was put down and was covered with stone. The sump, along with a couple of vents in the cinder block will keep any condensation from forming and creating mold.



The next step, early next week, is the layer of cinder block material donated by Felicetti Concrete Products and laid by Fontanarosa Construction.

Morganti Construction came in and removed the existing siding off of the rear of the house and prepped the wall so the framers will not be slowed down.

The next phase will be the framers followed by the roofers to get it all sealed from outside elements.

We are still looking for insulation and installation donations. If you can help or if you know anyone that can help, please feel free to reach out to me, Kenny Tompkins at 940-7092.

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