Niagara Falls City Council Chairman Responds to Patrick Brown’s Resignation from the Niagara Falls Water Board

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By: Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, the Niagara Falls City Council received Patrick Brown’s request to step down as the Niagara Falls City Council’s appointee to the Niagara Falls Water Board. The City Council, via Council Chairman Ken Tompkins, released the following statement on his departure:

As Mr. Brown explained in his letter, his decision was based on his family’s best interest. It is important that the public understand, this was fully Mr. Brown’s decision. The majority of the City Council has continuously supported Mr. Brown’s dedication to serving the people of Niagara Falls in this capacity. Despite our requests that he continue to stay through his term, his decision was final.

The Council majority appointed Mr. Brown to this role in February of 2020. From the moment he arrived, Mr. Brown proved himself to be a fiscal watchdog, ready to apply his immense professional knowledge, skills, and passion to making sure everything done was in the best interest of the city’s ratepayers.

In addition to being a champion for fiscal responsibility, Mr. Brown was always available to help ratepayers address issues in a timely and customer-oriented manner. As we now search for a new appointee, we will look for someone who has Mr. Brown’s tenacity, knowledge, and most of all, desire to look beyond the politics and serve the ratepayers of Niagara Falls honorably and earnestly.

On behalf of the Niagara Falls City Council members that supported Mr. Brown’s appointment to the water board, we thank Mr. Brown for his service and wish him well.


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