Niagara County SPCA Staff Member Details “Political Battle” Inside Organization Resulting in His Departure

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By: Staff Reporter

A week of turmoil continues for the Niagara County SPCA as former staff members, board members and volunteers announce their departure from the organization.

on Monday, January 18th, 2021, staff member Aaron Caraco released the following message on social media detailing the problems inside the SPCA that resulted in his departure:



Today is truly a sad day. I am being forced to resign from my dream job and I can no longer stay silent. In my past three year I have helped THOUSANDS of animals. I have cried, I have loved and I have had my heart broken but I would not change a single thing. I know at the end of the day my heart was ALWAYS with the animals and I know I stood up for what was right. Unfortunately, I got stuck in the middle of a political battle that I would never win. I stood up to those in power who choose to use hate language against the LGBT community, I stood up against those who have more interest in their own political agendas instead of helping animals. I know that I did what was right, and NOONE can EVER take that away from me. It is my sincere hope that this organization can reflect and do what is right. I will never stop fighting and caring for these animals. I will never stop fighting those who choose to use hate speech against a community the preaches nothing but love an acceptance.

To the staff that I am leaving behind, you are my family. We are the ones fighting everyday for the animals. We are the ones coming in on our days off to help out an animal in need. We are the ones who are making a difference in the world. The staff that I have had the extreme pleasure of working with is the most hard working and dedicated staff you will EVER find. They are the true heroes and none can take that away from us.


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