Niagara County Sheriff’s Office Details Troubling Increase of Vehicle Thefts

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By: Staff Reporter

The following is a press release from the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office regarding a troubling increase of vehicle thefts and larcenies over the past month:

Over the course of several weeks, vehicle thefts and larcenies from vehicles have risen at an alarming rate across the southern towns of Niagara County. Suspects have even driven stolen vehicles to the area of Wheatfield and Pendleton in order to attempt more thefts.

Please follow these simple tips to help prevent your vehicle and/or belongings from being targeted: Lock Up – DO NOT leave keys in the vehicle, hide evidence of valuables, close all windows completely, set your alarm if you have one, park in an area where you (and our patrols) can see your vehicle, and remove any storage bags from stores – this may lead a thief to believe there are brand new products inside.

We encourage everyone to be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles and activity – please report it to the Sheriff’s Office at (716) 438-3393 or 911 in an emergency. Together, we can stop these thieves from preying on our community.


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