Niagara County Makes Goggles Available to Hair Salons, Barbershops

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By: Staff Reporter

Niagara County Legislator Rich Andres today announced that the Niagara County Department of Emergency Services has goggles available for hair salons and barbershops to help them meet the state reopening guidelines.   Andres said the guidelines initially required face shields, but now have been amended by New York State to include goggles.

“Our ReStart Niagara effort has been doing whatever we can to help businesses get up and running again, including providing hand sanitizer and face coverings to employers to help them meet state guidelines,” said Andres, Chairman of the county’s Economic Development Committee.  “Many hair salons and barbershops called looking for face shields, which we unfortunately did not have.  But now that the guidelines have been updated to include goggles, we do have a supply of those to make available.”

Andres said those Niagara County hair salons and barbershops who would like to request goggles should email their request to  Supplies are limited and will need to be picked up at the Public Safety Building in Lockport.

“I want to acknowledge the efforts of Jon Schultz and our Emergency Services Department who continue to procure and distribute the personal protective equipment to help businesses get open,” said Andres.  “We have heard from businesses that much of this PPE is in short supply, so Jon’s effort is an important part of getting our economy moving again.”



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