Niagara County Legislature Makes Push for Amazon to Build in Niagara County after Development Falls Apart in Grand Island

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By: Reporter Staff

On Wednesday, August 12th, 2020, the Town of Grand Island was notified by TC Buffalo that they were withdrawing the application for Project Olive. If you are not aware, Project Olive was the name given to the development sought by Amazon for a distribution center. The announcement by TC Buffalo means that the project as it pertains to developing in Erie County is all but dead.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz issued the following statement today after Amazon informed the county that they were withdrawing their application:

“My administration has worked hard over the past several years to bring Amazon to Erie County, but we were informed today that after further consideration Amazon has decided to halt their planned project on Grand Island. This is an unfortunate development as this project would have brought over 1,000 new jobs paying a living wage to our community and would have generated tens of millions of dollars more in taxes for the county, the Town, and the school district, but Amazon has decided that the fit is not right at the current time. Amazon has created jobs in Erie County and invested in our workforce at their two other local facilities, so while the Grand Island location is now off the table my team is prepared to work with them if necessary to identify another possible location for this regionally-important project or any other project. Our focus on economic development and job creation in Erie County remains as strong as ever, as evidenced by today’s topping-off event at the new TMP Technologies facility in Lackawanna.” 

As if planning for this situation, the Niagara County legislature sprung into action and contacted Amazon to see if the development could be savaged for Western New York; but this time in a more welcoming Niagara County.

“As a Legislator I can assure you that we in the county have reached out to Amazon and would love have the opportunity to show what our county has to offer,” said Legislator Rich Andres. “In recent years major international companies like Yahoo, Bridgestone, Edwards Vacuum and more have found a home in business friendly Niagara County.”

The Niagara Reporter will keep you updated as the push by Niagara County continues.


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