Niagara County Legislator Jesse Gooch Promoted to Chair of Community Services Committee

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Legislator Jesse Gooch has been named the new Chairman of the Niagara County Legislature’s Standing Committee on Community Services. Gooch was promoted to the new post by Legislature Chairman Wm. Keith McNall at the Legislature’s September 19 meeting.

The Community Services Committee oversees a number of important county departments, including Social Services, Employment & Training, the Youth Bureau, the Office for the Aging, Public Health, Mental Health, Niagara County Community College, the County Clerk/DMV, the Historian, and Veterans Services.

Gooch has been a member of the committee since January. The committee was previously chaired by Legislator Rebecca Wydysh, who stepped down after being named Vice Chairman of the Legislature.

“I became a Legislator to make Niagara County a better place for the next generation. By supporting and educating our children, protecting our community’s health, and caring for our veterans, the Community Services Committee has a massive impact on the direction of the County,” said Legislator Gooch. “The Committee was well served by Legislator Wydysh, and I look forward to building on her leadership.”


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