County Legislator Chris Voccio announces Re-election Bid

As a guy who had a long and successful career in the private sector, and as someone who believes in term limits, I don’t want to be in government for a very long time.

After serving four years on the City Council, one term, where I earned a reputation as a taxpayer watchdog, I was elected to the County Legislature. Today I’m asking you for a second term.

I’m proud of my first year representing District 6.

I was an early advocate for reducing the gas sales tax, putting money that would have gone to government back in the hands of taxpayers.

We recently passed a County budget that actually lowered property tax rates.

I am the only County Legislator on the Niagara-Orleans Land Improvement Corporation board. We’re putting blighted properties in Niagara Falls in the hands of homeowners who will keep up their property and get those homes back on the tax rolls.

My colleagues and I helped local small businesses get county grants that are sprucing up our business districts, improving the structural integrity of many older buildings and helping offset some of the damage of the COVID lockdowns.

We’re helping local business associations and community organizations invest in our neighborhoods through a series of Community Partnership Fund allocations. These funds are helping groups throughout the district continue to serve our community.

On a less pleasant note, there is a rodent issue in Niagara Falls, and while this is not primarily a County issue, I’ve pushed the County to provide supplemental funding to help the City address the problem.

I’m once again self-funding my campaign. I am beholden to no one. I’m proud of my independent streak. I have proven, time and again, that I am an independent thinker unafraid to buck the tide, to speak out on behalf of taxpayers.

Unlike some politicians, I file my campaign finance forms as well as my financial disclosure forms, even pushing them out on social media. My coffee events show that I’m a believer in transparency even when I’m not up for re-election.

I’m endorsed by the Conservative and Republican Parties. While some candidates switch parties for political gain, I’ve proven, time and again, to remain true to my principles. and I’ve proven I can sit down with all parties and discuss issues in a reasonable manner.

Let’s not turn back the clock on progress. Let’s continue to move forward. Together. For a better, stronger Niagara Falls and Niagara County.

I would greatly appreciate your support and vote in the upcoming primary and general elections. But no matter who you support, I will continue to remain your humble servant.

Chris Voccio is the Niagara County Legislator for District 6 and can be reached at 716-696-0086 or

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