Niagara County Lawmakers Ask for Advance of County’s Casino Revenue

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In light of the recent announcement that New York State will be advancing casino revenues to the City of Niagara Falls, leaders of the County of Niagara have asked that the County’s casino revenues also be advanced.

“We are asking the Governor to advance our share of the casino revenues.  The dispute between the Seneca Nation and the Governor is just that, a dispute between the Seneca Nation and the Governor.  Niagara County did not draft or negotiate the compact and the taxpayers of Niagara County should not be penalized,” said Majority Leader Randy Bradt.

He added that, “Niagara County is within an exclusivity zone.  Niagara County can not host a casino within its borders.  Even though the Seneca Nation has stopped making payments, the County is still prohibited from hosting a casino.  The Governor should honor the obligation to the County taxpayers.”

Chairman Wm. Keith McNall stated “Casino revenues have been used for direct tax relief for the County taxpayers.  If the Governor expects to be victorious in the pending arbitration, he should advance tax relief to the County now.”  Also, “Considering the City of Niagara Falls has received an advance of its casino revenues, we would expect the Governor to do the same for the rest of the residents within Niagara County.”

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