Niagara County Independence Party Demands Michael Benedict Fire Campaign Manager After “Racist” Posts

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Copy of a mailer sent out by the Niagara County Independence Party.


By: Staff Reporter

This is a press release that was released by the Independence Party of Niagara County:



The front of a mailer sent out by the Niagara County Independence Party.


Eberwein cites multitude of racist, inflammatory posts on social media

Niagara County Independence Party Chairwoman Susan Agnello-Eberwein today is calling on Niagara County Court Judge candidate Michael Benedict to fire his campaign manager, Christian W. Peck.

Agnello-Eberwein referenced Peck’s social media accounts, which she says are littered with hundreds of racially divisive, misogynistic, culturally insensitive, and violence-inducing posts.

“Michael Benedict is candidate for one of the most important positions in this community, one that demands the highest level of objectivity in the county, and he thought it would be a good idea to hire a radical, rightwing demagogue whose Facebook page is plagued with posts calling for an ‘armed insurrection’ and other similar ideologies”, said Agnello-Eberwein. “It is beyond reprehensible for Mr. Benedict to employ someone to run his campaign who is openly mocking the death of George Floyd. In this time of increased awareness and enhanced sensitivity, Mike Benedict should know better.”



Agnello-Eberwein pointed to an editorial in a local newspaper today that references the suspension of a Buffalo Police Department dispatcher, the resignation of the CEO of Crossfit, and the retirement of one of the owners of Chef’s Restaurant, all for inflammatory social media posts similar to Peck’s.

“Everybody has the right to express their opinion, but in today’s society, those expressions have consequences,” said Agnello-Eberwein. “In five minutes of scrolling through Christian Peck’s Facebook timeline, I was astounded by incendiary posts and comments that I saw. His posts, by the way, include multiple references to his proud involvement in the campaign of Michael Benedict.”

Agnello-Eberwein said she is hopeful that Benedict does the right thing by taking swift and definitive action.

“Each day that he remains silent, Michael Benedict is sending a message that he endorses this type of malicious and hateful rhetoric,” she said. “Mr. Benedict clearly showed an error in judgement by hiring someone to run his campaign who has shown such disdain for the values our we hold dear. Hopefully he takes some time to reflect on his decision and acts accordingly.”


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