Niagara County Has Face Coverings Available for Essential Businesses

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By: Staff Reporter

As essential businesses across Niagara County seek to comply with Executive Orders requiring face coverings for employees, Legislators David Godfrey and Jesse Gooch today announced that the Niagara County Department of Emergency Services has obtained a supply of cloth face coverings that are being made available to essential businesses at no cost.

“We need essential businesses to be functioning and to do that we need to be sure their employees have protection from COVID-19,” said Godfrey, Chairman of the Community Safety and Security Committee.  “Our Emergency Services team, led by Director Jon Schultz, just received the face coverings and are ready to distribute them at no cost.”

The masks were acquired through the NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services. Godfrey said any business deemed essential should qualify, including, but not limited to:

  • Grocery stores, including food and beverage stores
  • Convenience stores/Pharmacy
  • Gas stations
  • Post offices
  • Child care programs and services
  • Government owned buildings
  • Laundry & Fabric cleaning services
  • Food banks
  • Auto repair
  • Financial Institutions

“As a small business owner, I appreciate what many are going through trying to keep their operations running and more importantly, keeping their employees safe,” said Gooch, Chairman of the Community Services Committee.  “And so many of these employees, like childcare workers, are on the frontlines in providing invaluable services to the community during this pandemic.  We need to support them however we can.”

Gooch said interested essential business owners should email Niagara County Emergency Services at  Please note supplies are limited.


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