Niagara County DMV to Begin Vehicle Registrations/Transfer of Plates

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By: Reporter Staff

Niagara County Clerk Joseph A. Jastrzemski today announced his department has put a process in place that will allow people to register their vehicles and get license plates or transfer plates between vehicles. This limited service is available to Niagara County residents only.

“When we had to close the DMV offices due to COVID-19, we said we would continue to re-evaluate to see what services were in highest demand and how we might provide them,”said Jastrzemski. “It’s clear one of our biggest issues is vehicle registrations. While we have a process for handling work that comes directly from car dealers, we had no process for those who bought a used car from a non-dealer or were looking to put a vehicle back on the road.”


Niagara County Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski


Jastrzemski said this new process will be done entirely through the mail and requires several steps that must be carefully followed. This process can only be used for vehicles, motorcycles, R.V. and trailers. For details on this process visit

“We regret that we have to limit this to Niagara County residents only, but we are working with limited staff and resources,”said Jastrzemski. “My office will continue to look for ways to make additional services available to our residents as we all wait for life to return to normal.”

Jastrzemski reminded those who have vehicles on the road but whose registrations expired in March that they do not need to do anything at this time as Governor Cuomo extended the registration expirations dates until further notice.


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