Niagara County Corruption Obvious Even to a Woman in Great Britain

By Alison Menage
My sister is very much involved on the periphery of local politics and county politics in the area. She and her friends are fighting a long, hard fight against the corruption and abuse of patronage. It is so very bad in Niagara County, it seems totally endemic.  So bad is it that, from an outsider’s point of view, I see the county, which should be one of the foremost and best, is held back by total inefficiency, lack of expertise and lack of qualifications when it comes to some of the most important jobs and appointments.  There appears to be no vision for the future at all, much less the important research to help the process begin. Most people, from the top to the bottom, appear just to be busy “greasing” their own little corner.

To begin, I feel the recruitment process needs a total overhaul! After all it was United States business acumen and systems (Harvard Business School) which taught the rest of the world, particularly the United Kingdom how to do it!!  How you get the people to take these points on board is the puzzle!!

I felt so moved to write to you again to congratulate you on the article you wrote re: Mr. Donald J Jablonski. This so typified to me the issues at their very, very worst.

Mr. Dennis Virtuoso is a good man who will stand for what is right, but he is not in a strong enough position to actually do anything, other than bring it to attention. And so, it goes on and on….

Of course I know most people are not concerned about what happens in politics.  They feel it has nothing to do with them and it doesn’t matter who is “in power”, it doesn’t affect them and to a certain extent that is true, but if only they could see how much better life would be for them and their children, with a strong and vibrant county, with employers fighting to get established in the area (without backhanders), with businessmen and tourists flocking in.

And still it goes on ….

Thanks for your time in reading this letter. I love Lockport from a distance in the United Kingdom. It has been good to my sister and her family.  Keep up the good fight!


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