Niagara County Clerk Jastrzemski Says More DMV Services Opening

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By: Staff Reporter

Niagara County Clerk Joseph A. Jastrzemski today announced additional services provided by the county clerk’s office would be reopening on Monday, June 29, including appointments for all DMV transactions at the Niagara Falls location as well as appointments for the Veterans Service Agency and the Pistol Permit Office.

“This was our first week of reopening the DMVs and requiring appointments and I want to thank the public for their patience as we implemented this new system,” said Jastrzemski.  “I know there was frustration about not allowing transactions at our Niagara Falls location, but as our smallest physical office, it presented challenges in keeping social distance.  Now, at the request of the four county legislators representing Niagara Falls and the Mayor, we have reworked our plan and will be opening that office with limited appointments.”

Jastrzemski said Niagara Falls DMV will begin servicing customers starting Monday June 29, 2020 by appointment only and appointments must be made online.  Appointments will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and limited in number in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines.  Residents can begin making appointments this Friday at


Niagara County Clerk Joseph Jastrzemski


“In our initial plan, Niagara Falls was the sole location for Class D and M permit tests,” said Jastrzemski.  “Under this new plan, permit tests will now be offered at all 3 DMV locations by online appointment only.”

Jastrzemski added that New York State is now allowing road tests to be scheduled through the state website at  Also, individuals looking to schedule their 5-hour class should check directly with those providers who offer the class to see if they have re-opened in accordance with state guidelines.

Beyond DMVs, Jastrzemski said that both the Pistol Permit Office and the Veterans Service Agency are currently accepting appointments, while the Historians Office will remain closed at this time.

“We’ve had many people eager to apply for their pistol permit, so we are happy to announce that office is accepting appointments Monday through Friday,” Jastrzemski.  “I would remind those making amendments to current permits that they can do so by mail.”   Appointments can be made by calling 439-7122.

Regarding the Veterans Service Agency, Jastrzemski said “I am proud of all the veterans we have been able to help access important services and benefits they have earned so I am pleased to announce the Veterans Service Agency is now accepting appointments for any veteran who needs our assistance.  Please call 438-4090 to schedule.”


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