Niagara County Attorney Nicholas D. D’Angelo Operating During COVID-19 Pandemic

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By: Staff Reporter

The New York State court system has been largely closed since the second week of March. For many individuals in Family Court, Supreme Court, or Criminal Court, this delay in adjudicating their matters has created tremendous hardships. Local attorney Nicholas D. D’Angelo wants people to know that he continues to operate and accept new cases throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Although the Court system is largely closed,” said D’Angelo, “that does not mean issues requiring legal assistance merely go away. Whether it be family-related, a divorce, criminal issues, or something else, people throughout Western New York need to know that attorneys are still there to help them through these difficult times.”

New York State is currently in the process of ramping up virtual proceedings for existing cases, but the ability to file new petitions in family court, matrimonial actions in Supreme Court, or other legal-related matters, remain largely non-existent.  However, that should change over the coming weeks.


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