Niagara Broadcast Network features Vidlers 5 and 10 February 12th -15th


Niagara Broadcast Network, a weekly Niagara Falls, New York internet

talk show, that will feature Vidlers 5 and 10 on their program the weekend of February

12th – 15th.

Program host Sal Paonessa said that we wanted to highlight Vidlers since they came so

close to winning their Super Bowl Commercial. Sal said has viewers

around the world and thought it would be nice to let them view such a unique store in our

local area.

Vidlers as been around for 86 years offering everything in their East Aurora store that

you could imagine. will feature an interview with Don Vidler and show

their TV commercials and more. Don Vidler and his staff hold a special place in Western

New York History and people come from all over the area to shop for the unique items

that Vidlers offers on a daily basis. Be sure to tune in to , for Viddlers

apperception weekend, the week of February 12th – 15th for a unique look at this western

New York Icon.vidlers2

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