NFR Plans Education Center on Niagara Digital Campus

Voters want to know more about NFR’s plans for the Niagara Digital Campus. This report will hopefully help inform them.

In the heart of Niagara Falls, a technological renaissance may unfold

The Niagara Digital Campus promises to be more than just a technological marvel, it’s about economic revitalization. Beyond the 5,600 construction jobs it will generate, it’s estimated the Digital Center will create over 500 permanent positions across varying skill levels—these range from computer technicians and engineers to specialized roles in energy, telecommunications and management.

As part of the Digital Center, the developers, Niagara Falls Redevelopment (NFR) and Urbacon, plan to establish a Technology Education Center on the campus. 

The Technology Education Center aims to demystify data center operations and cloud computing for students of all backgrounds.

The Technology Education Center’s intention is to bridge the gap between the local community and the tech industry – and maybe help local residents open up employment opportunities.

Unlike the common perception, data center jobs aren’t exclusive to college graduates. The Niagara community, regardless of educational background, will have access to many job opportunities if the Niagara Digital Center is built.

Since the Niagara Digital Center will create hundreds of high paying tech jobs, it’s vital for data center operations to emphasize skilled trade positions. 

To tailor the center’s educational offerings, and hopefully find new employees in abundance from local talent, NFR is partnering with local schools, educators and community stakeholders.

The education center will showcase computer training, interactive exhibits, guided tours and other resources, providing insights into the world of data storage and usage in the digital age.

NFR President Roger Trevino

Roger Trevino of NFR puts the vision in perspective. “There’s an unseen dimension to the tech world that many are unaware of. When students stream a video or snap a photo, that data resides somewhere. We aim to illuminate this aspect, presenting it as a world of career opportunities that could redefine Niagara’s economic landscape for generations.”

Added Perks for the Niagara Falls Community

The Niagara Digital Campus Technology Education Center isn’t just about job creation. It’s an initiative that brings with it a trove of other benefits.

  • Enhanced Broadband Access: The heart of the city will experience a boost in broadband access, benefiting local schools and the community.
  • Scholarships: NFR will fund scholarships targeting Niagara Falls students passionate about IT and STEM fields.
  • Technology Speakers Bureau: NFR will arrange speaker sessions, impart tech wisdom and offer a window into potential career paths.
  • Academic Partnerships: Collaborations with renowned institutions, including the State University of New York at Buffalo and Niagara University, will foster specialized training for local students.


The dream of the Niagara Digital Campus is monumental and transformative. But its realization hinges on collective support. That support is growing, with more and more realizing the project is necessary and should be built. 

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