New Como Deli in Lewiston Off to Brisk Start

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By: Tony Farina

“Lots of familiar faces,” says Dominic Colucci III as he looks around the new Como Deli at 555 Center St. in the Village of Lewiston, the new eatery opened last week by the family that owns the famous Como Restaurant on Pine Ave. in Niagara Falls where old-world Italian dining has been featured for nearly 100 years.

Colucci III and his father, Dominic Colucci, Jr., and all the rest of the Como family, including Louis Antonacci, have opened shop in Lewiston and so far, business has been brisk as you might expect given the Como reputation for food excellence.

“I grew up in Lewiston, so I see a lot of familiar faces from the neighborhood and from school,” says Colucci III, “and we’ve been very busy.  We’re excited to be here alongside so many other fine dining establishments.  We’re in good company.”


Dominic Colucci III, the Lewiston-born Como Deli manager, is right at home in the center of the new eatery opened last week in his native village on food-friendly Center Street by the Como family.


The sparkling new Como Deli, with an attached patio just waiting for spring, is a family enterprise and Louis and Dawn Antonacci and all of the warm and friendly Como staff bring their expertise to Center St., a roadway not unfamiliar to folks from near and far looking for a good place to eat, as Colucci noted.  Now, the Como homemade pasta, meatballs, sausage, and all of their old-world recipes are on the menu.

When we visited this week, the small restaurant was abuzz with people enjoying a fine Italian-style lunch and you could almost taste the excitement inside the place as the future seems to beckon with great anticipation for the warm sunshine of spring as the operators iron out the kinks and get everything ready for the days ahead.  Of course, I had to sample the lasagna soup and some warm Italian bread and it was terrific, as it usually is when I visit the Como on Pine Ave. or the Como at the Airport on Niagara Falls Blvd.



Asked to describe his role, Colucci III said, “well, for now, I guess you would call me the manager.  We’re taking it day by day and we’ll see where it goes.”  But there’s no doubt this industrious young man comes from the hearty stock that has made the Como name synonymous with fine food and friendly service.

On Pine Ave., at the bar, it is always a pleasure to trade the day’s headlines with Mario Antonacci and his brother Frank who know everybody that comes in, or so it seems.  And whether important or not, the guests get the same warm and gracious service.

There’s little doubt that the Como’s fine history of service and excellent food will fit in just right in Lewiston, and I expect it will develop an even greater fan base at its new prime location for hungry visitors who love to stroll Lewiston’s colorful and popular Center St.

We wish the Como family and the new Deli all the best and we’ll probably see you there soon as I plan on making it one of my regular stops on my senior circuit when a dish of spaghetti and meatballs will be just what my doctor ordered.


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