Nate McMurray for Congress: Green Party Update

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“GREEN PARTY UPDATE: Today Nate McMurray shared an update on his social media regarding political tricks being used to manipulate the Green Party. The update is below:”




Everything we now know:

  • This morning I spoke to several people close to this, including Eric Jones, Chair of the Erie Country Green Party
    · The story is getting clearer.
    · The Republicans apparently put a fake candidate on the Green Party ballot
    · To our knowledge, this person is a new voter, not registered previously (not on the voter list as of March)
    · The candidate apparently registered with the Green Party just a short time ago (otherwise it would have taken him a year to get on the ballot—under NY law you can’t switch parties and run like this to steal an election)

Who is this man?

  • We are not sure. First it was rumored to be Collins himself, but that did not make sense given election laws. Then it was rumored to be an actual member of the Green Party, but the middle name on the ballot is different.
    · All evidence seems to indicate that it is a man with an offensive Facebook page full of racist memes
    · According to public records, known GOP operatives apparently carried the petitions to put him on the ballot

Why did they do this?

  • It is solely to try and make the Green Party play the role of spoiler in this race
    · Again, I spoke to Eric Jones, Chairman of the Erie County Green Party, and he shares my shock, horror, and disappointment—they especially do not want to play spoiler for Collins
    · You see, this race could be close, and the two or three percentage points that might go to the Green Party could possibly take votes away from me.

Why is this wrong?

  • If the evidence available is correct, it is not only terribly shocking that the GOP and Collins would circulate petitions in this manner, but that they would do it for this particular man
    · Specifically, people who likely hate the Green Party lied to Green Party members by going door-to-door and telling unsuspecting people, “We have a great candidate we want to get on the ballot, do you mind signing?”
    · This does not happen in most jurisdictions
    · It happens mostly in Erie and Niagara County
    · It is the unethical act of a strong party (and wealthy candidate) taking advantage of the Green Party
    · It’s also anti-Democratic, because they are trying to fool voters

What can we do?

  • I will petition to open the ballot, which means we are collecting signatures this weekend
    · Even if I get enough signatures, however, my name will not appear on the ballot
    · Green Party members will have to write my name in
    · Spread the word—don’t let them get away with this scam

This message provided by Nate McMurray for Congress

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