Nails Found Along Often-Traveled LaSalle Walking Path in Niagara Falls

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A photograph provided to the Niagara Reporter showing the nails removed from the ground and a shoe that one nail pierced.


By: Reporter Staff

Residents of Niagara Falls were shocked Saturday, June 13th, 2020, to learn that an often-traveled dirt path in the LaSalle area was suddenly filled with nails sticking out of the ground.

“Be careful,” said Giselle, a Niagara Falls resident, “someone has spiked a local dirt walking trail with BIG nails. They embedded the head in the ground with only the tip above ground. Both my neighbor and I got nails through our shoes and into our feet. Luckily my very large dog managed to dance around them.”

Giselle told the Niagara Reporter that she removed more than thirty nails for the ground that were deliberately implanted to cause injury.



A report was filed with the Niagara Falls Police Department and the land is owned by the State.

The area is between 56th Street (west) and the I-190 (east) and Stevenson Avenue (South) and Frontier Avenue (North).



The Niagara Reporter has learned that multiple individuals have been injured as a result of the nails sticking out.

As of the date of this article, there are no leads as to who placed the nails in the ground or why.


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