Myers Hopes to Carry on Burmaster’s Legacy as Lawmaker

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Niagara County Legislature’s Vice-Chairman, Clyde L. Burmaster, who has passed away.


By: Tony Farina

Irene Myers, a Town of Porter council member, has announced that she is a candidate for the Niagara County Legislature’s First District seat in November that was held by Clyde Burmaster who passed away unexpectedly last month after serving as a county lawmaker for 28 years.

In a press release announcing her candidacy, Myers said “after much prayer and discussion, I felt the best way to honor Clyde was to carry on his legacy and fight for the residents he cared so much about.”

Myers, R. – C.,  said she has received the support of Sue Burmaster to carry on her husband’s legacy serving residents of the district.

In her announcement, Myers pointed to her love of the community and her support of issues like Summer Fest, the development of a regional brochure, and working to procure funds for portable radios used in emergency management.

Myers said if elected, she would continue the aggressive fight against CWM’s expansion, saying “if CWM wants to expand, they better hope someone else is elected instead of me.  I will fight with every fiber of my body to prevent it.  Not only is it the right thing to do but it’s what Clyde would want to see happen.”

Myers said she will focus on environmental issues if elected “to keep our communities safe from environmental threats,” adding “we need leaders who will do everything possible to make our communities safe from environmental threats while having the vision to preserve our identity.”


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