Morinello Will Seek Third Term

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By: Tony Farina

Hard-charging retired Niagara Falls City Court Judge Angelo Morinello wants to continue to advocate on behalf of the residents of the 145th Assembly District including Niagara Falls, several towns, and part of North Tonawanda, and will seek a third two-year term this year.

With several lines including the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Libertarian, Morinello says “I want to continue to work in a bipartisan way to move the region forward, and that’s why I want to seek another term as the Assembly representative for the 145th District.”

The former judge notes that Niagara Falls has a new mayor, Robert Restaino, and that he wants to work with the administration to advance the goals of the new City Hall team to move the city in a positive direction.

“I believe we have made strides in workforce development and I want very much to continue that effort to help the city all I can,” said Morinello.  While he is a member of the minority party in the Assembly, Morinello has a record of being able to work across party lines to get things done and he wants to continue to bridge party differences for the good of his constituents.

Morinello, a Vietnam combat veteran, has been a very vigorous champion of veterans’ programs to help veterans and their families.

The lawmaker is also proud of his efforts within his minority conference to obtain funding for the Discover Niagara Shuttle “to make the entire city of Niagara Falls more accessible.”

Morinello continues his ongoing focus on reducing taxes, rebuilding infrastructure, and improving vocational training.

In sum, Morinello believes there is still much work to do on behalf of his constituents and he wants to continue doing that work for another term.  That’s why he’s decided to run again for a third term and continue serving the residents of the district.


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