Morinello to Join Senator Ortt & Niagara County Clerk to Host 2nd Amendment Event

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Assemblyman Angelo J. Morinello (R,C,I,Ref-Niagara Falls) will join Sen. Robert Ortt and Niagara County Clerk Joe Jastrzemski on Saturday, January 26, to host an informational event on the Second Amendment. The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Frontier Fire Hall at 2176 Liberty Drive in Wheatfield. Attendees will learn about an array of gun-related issues, including new laws and legislation SAFE Act information and how to renew and reregister gun licenses. It will take place during the “Iroquois Arms Collectors 2019 Gun Show.”

“Year after year, New Yorkers face additional restrictions on their Second Amendment Rights, making it extremely difficult to keep up with current laws and regulations,” said Morinello. “It’s my hope this event will be a useful tool for residents in my district to ensure they can continue owning and using their guns in a legal fashion. This year in the state Assembly, I’ll continue advocating for gun owners in my district and fight back against legislation that infringes on our Second Amendment Rights. I encourage all sportsmen and gun-owners in the 145th District to attend this educational event and remain active and informed about Second Amendment legislation in the coming year.”

“We know this law is controversial, but we also know that not complying with pistol permit recertification puts those pistol permit holders in jeopardy,” Jastrzemski said. “We want to protect our gun owners’ rights, which are clearly laid out in the Second Amendment, but we also want to take practical steps so they don’t lose their guns to state enforcement.”

“Staying ahead of the ever-increasing assaults on our Second Amendment by the regressive left is vital if we are to continue our legal challenges against this unconstitutional legislation,” said Sen. Ortt. “In order to win the fight, we must be in the fight and must work within the framework of the law as it currently stands. Our efforts to protect our Second Amendment Rights protected by the Constitution of the U.S. must never waver and, educational forums such as these will ensure we have the correct information to continue our cause.”

Assemblyman Morinello represents the 145th Assembly District, which consists of parts of Erie and Niagara counties.

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