Morinello: A Refreshing Change from the Norm

Choolokian Castigates Ceretto for Lack of Principles


By Glenn Choolokian

When you think about the people who are representing our city, do you envision them trying to serve themselves, their political party or the people that they represent? Which do you think is right? I think most of us would agree that, first and foremost, politicians should serve the people.

What I find intriguing about the upcoming election for the New York State Assembly’s 145th District is how we have an incumbent candidate, John Ceretto, who will do anything to keep his political title and his high-paying job even if it means abandoning other past and present local elected officials who had the same beliefs as himself in representing the community as a whole. Mr. Ceretto has chosen to join forces with the side that he was so adamant against for years. Mr. Ceretto has no loyalty but to himself. The recent articles about incumbent Democrat Assemblyman John Ceretto’s emails should be very disturbing to all the constituents that Ceretto represents. It looks like John Ceretto and some of his staff members have betrayed the communities and taxpayers who elected Mr. Ceretto to office. With that being said, on the other side we have a new candidate, former Judge Angelo Morinello, who wants to extend his public service so he can continue to help people. He believes that can be best achieved by allowing people to earn a living and develop businesses and jobs without constant overwhelming political favoritism, bureaucratic rules and so many government regulations.

Angelo stated he is always willing to reach across the aisle to pass legislation that will help all the communities that he will represent. His time on the bench has shown that he is a proven voice of reason. Angelo’s local ties have helped him view the struggles of Niagara Falls families, workers and small business owners.

I think that Angelo Morinello has demonstrated that he could only be a good thing for Niagara Falls and a refreshing change from the norm.

Special interest groups always oppose change because they do not want to lose their valuable investments in incumbent elected officials. Many are organized to extract programs, subsidies and regulations from the government. These groups use the law as a lever to benefit themselves, their own constituencies or to harm their rivals. It is the career political hacks and wannabes that have ruined the election process and turned off many potential voters throughout our city.

I know we are all tired of the political season and we are tired of hearing what the candidates say they will do once they win. Then, there are all those political phone calls and mailings that also make us lose interest fast. Regretfully, voting has become an uninteresting process. The elections are a rerun of the same thing every year. But has it ever occurred to you that your vote affects how you live? We have had years of overspending, bad management and different rules for those in power. Voters feel that they cannot do anything to change the status quo. Of course, if you aren’t involved in the electoral process you leave the decisions to other forces. Maybe this is the election for all of us to unite as a voting bloc and get rid of all the elected officials that have used the power of their office for all the wrong reasons. Remember, we are the real majority.

On November 8th we need a change in the State Assembly’s 145th District, and that Real Change is former Judge Angelo Morinello.

Glenn A. Choolokian

(former Niagara Falls City Council member presently residing in the city of Niagara Falls, NY)

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