Morinello Endorsed by Niagara County Independence, Conservative and Republican Party in Assembly Race against Ceretto


The Niagara County Independence Party has endorsed former Niagara Falls City Court Judge, Angelo J. Morinello’s bid for the New York State  Assembly race in the 145th district today.

John Ceretto a Democrat holds the seat.

Morinello, a Republican also received the Niagara County Republican

party and Niagara County Conservative party endorsements.

“Judge Angelo Morinello was the clear choice for us for state Assembly. His knowledge

from working on the Niagara Falls City Court bench for over a decade has given him a

clear understanding of what is needed for not only the future of our youth, but of our

entire community.”  Independence Party Chairwoman Susan Agnello-Eberwein said. “He is straight forward, has the ability to get along with people from all walks of life, and is a family man at heart who genuinely cares about our children and their futures.”

Morinello served on the Niagara Falls City Court bench from 2001 until December 31, 2015 when he retired from the bench.

“The people elected me to serve them for 10 years however I was only allowed to serve three of the years due to age restrictions. I feel that I owe the people seven years of service,” said Morinello. “I still have a lot left in me. I am excited about this upcoming race and am thrilled to have the support of the Niagara County Republican, Conservative and Independence parties.”

In 2014, Ceretto ran unopposed as a Republican. He later changed affiliation to Democrat after the election.  During the 2014 election cycle, the Reporter revealed in an exclusive story that Gov. Andrew Cuomo asked local Democrats not to field a Democratic candidate against the then-Republican Ceretto so that he would run unopposed.

In 2014, Ceretto defeated Democrat Robert Restaino in a closely contested race. Ceretto was elected in 2012 against Democrat John Accardo and incumbent Francine DelMonte who lost the Democratic primary that year and remained on the ballot on the Working Families line. Her 20 percent totals on that minor party line split the left leaning votes and deprived Accardo of victory.


Former City Court Judge Angelo Morinello will run for State Assembly against John Ceretto. Morinello has won the endorsements of the Republican, Conservative and Independence Parties.



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