Mayor Robert Restaino Announces Youth Services for Summer 2021

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By: Staff Reporter

Mayor Robert Restaino announced the 2021 summer youth service programs for the City of Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls has consolidated this list to outline all youth services on the City’s website, while a brochure is also available with the complete offering list.

This list includes everything from educational programs to sports, arts, full-day camps, specialty camps, recreational activities, and more.

“Last summer we partnered with the Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club to provide some late summer programs during the height of the pandemic,” said Mayor Restaino. “This year for parents looking to keep their children busy this summer, there are plenty of programs to choose from. We felt it was important to work to consolidate this information and make it easily accessible for the public’s use. In the past, many different groups and organizations have operated alone, not knowing or realizing what other programs were available and might crossover with their own. Our hope in consolidating this information was to create one source for all these programs while raising the awareness of the Niagara Falls community and the groups organizing these programs now have a better sense of what other programs are offered and pair well with their own. We especially appreciate the assistance from our partners, the Niagara Falls City School District and Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club. Their coordination of the programs with our other great program partners helped bring this together.”

Programs available include:

–        Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club Full Day Summer Camp: Begins July 5th

–        Niagara Falls Housing Authority Summer Camp: Begins July 6th

–        Elementary Extended Learning Program (ELP): Begins July 12th

–        Extended Care for Kids in the Elementary Extended Learning Program (ELP): Begins July 12th

–        ENL Summer Program: Begins August 16th

–        Prep/High School Summer Sports & Enrichment Camp: Begins July 6th

–        Camp Wolverine: Begins July 12th

–        Camp Wolverine Intermediate: Begins July 12th

–        Camp Wolverine Jr.: Begins July 12th

–        Extended School Year: Begins July 5th

–        Niagara Falls High School Summer Credit Recovery Program: Begins June 28th

–        Prep Summer Credit Recovery Program: Begins June 28th

–        Crew Camp: Begins July 5th

–        E-Sports Program: Begins July 26th

–        Theatre School Summer Camp: Begins June 28th

–        P-Tech: Begins July 12th

–        Y on the Fly- Liberty: Begins June 30th

–        Y on the Fly- 70th Street: Begins June 30th

–        YMCA Swimming Lessons: Full program information available online

–        Free Summer Lunches: Begins July 5th

–        Victory Sports Bins: Available all summer

–        PAL Soccer Program: Beings July 6th

–        PAL Tennis Program: Begins July 6th

–        Monday Night BBQ’s: Begins July 12th

–        The Connection- Daily Activities: Runs now through September 3rd

–        Running Club for Teens: Begins in July, more program information available online

–        Basketball Skills Practice: Begins in July, more program information available online

–        Dancing in the Park: Begins in July, more program information available online

–        Group Bike Ride: August 21st

–        Niagara Falls Ninja Warrior Bootcamp: Begins in July

–        2 Day Skateboard Lessons at Hyde Park Skate Park: TBD

–        Family Fun Scavenger Hunt: August 24th

–        New Hope Baptist Camp: Begins July 18th

–        Tales & Tails- LaSalle Library: Begins July 1st

–        Tales & Tails- Main Library: Begins July 7th

–        Camp NCCC: Begins July 6th

Full program information, including ages/grades, scheduling, location, full program description, and contact information, is available on the City’s website at


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