Mayor Restaino Responds to Trump Administration Suspending Trusted Traveler Program

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By: Mayor Robert M. Restaino

In recent days the Trump Administration arbitrarily decided to prohibit New Yorkers from Trusted Travelers Programs, which among other things, are designed to expedite travel and commerce between US and Canada.

This decision will undoubtedly have an incredible negative impact on the business, trade and commerce that Niagara Falls and surrounding communities rely upon for their local economy. As we continue to work toward growing the economy of Niagara Falls and Western New York, it is clear that travel and trade across the Canadian border is a vital part of that growth, we cannot afford to suffer from prohibitive, arbitrary and disastrous decisions by the federal government.

Any suggestion that this decision by the Trump Administration is based on necessary security measures is just nonsense.  If members of the Republican congressional delegation from NYS wish to continue to enable decisions and policies that ignore the rule of law and smack of nothing more than political retribution, then the lost trade and commerce that their communities suffer, as a consequence of this senseless decision, can be their responsibility as well.

As Mayor of the City of Niagara Falls, NY I am asking the Republican congressional members of NYS to do their job for their constituents and advise the President to reverse this arbitrary decision that will impact local trade, traffic and commerce.

Further, I support the efforts of Governor Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Letitia James in seeking court intervention to redress the outrageous decision of the Trump Administration, so that Niagara Falls and Western New York do not suffer economic hardship as a result of this arbitrary policy.


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