Mainstream Media Notes the Man Who Took Down a Sex Cult

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Keith Raniere at a court hearing on Friday, April 13th, 2018. Credit: Elizabeth Williams/AP


Media from around the world cited Frank Parlato for his pioneering expose on NXIVM, the sex cult that branded women. Make no mistake about it, Parlato broke the story that led to the arrest and conviction of the leaders of this sinister cult. Over 400 media outlets named Parlato, not only in the USA, but the  UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Venezuela, China and more. Here are excerpts:

New York Times: Many of Mr. Raniere’s followers learned of the secret society from a website run by a Buffalo-area businessman, Frank R. Parlato Jr. Mr. Parlato had been locked in a long legal battle with two sisters, Sara and Clare Bronfman, who are members of Nxivm and the daughters of Edgar Bronfman, the deceased chairman of Seagram Company.

Inside Edition: Former NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato has worked for years to document the inner workings of the group, which purports to be a self-help organization.

Oxygen: Frank F. Parlato, Jr., a newspaperman and blogger in upstate New York, spent years fighting to expose Keith Raniere, who is accused of branding and enslaving female followers of his organization, NXIVM.

Fox News: As pressure on Raniere and NXIVM began to mount following the revelations of branding that were first exposed by Parlato and then in a lengthy piece in The New York Times last year, the alleged cult leader fled to a $10,000 a week villa inside a luxury gated community in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, sometime between late October and early November.

New York Daily News: Frank Parlato, an ex-NXIVM publicist turned whistleblower, was the first to write about the group on his website Artvoice, and he’s written extensively about it ever since.

New York Post: Frank Parlato… first broke the story, in June, of women being forcibly branded as part of the ­NXIVM “sorority.”

The Sun: The cult is called DOS, believed to be short for “dominus obsequious sororium” – Latin for the “master over the slave women”,  and is the dark side of so-called “self-help” group NXIVM, according to Parlato – who was the first to lift the lid on the cult’s sordid activities on his website The Frank Report. 

The Daily Mail: According to Frank Parlato, who first exposed Allison Mack as a member of Nxivm, the actress was a ‘pimp’ for Keith Raniere and was responsible for bringing young women to his ‘secret sex lair’, a two-floor house in Albany, New York with a huge bed and a hot tub.

Rolling Stone: Frank Parlato, NXIVM’s ex-publicist and a whistleblower, has stated that “Smallville” actress Allison Mack, 35, is “CC-1” and he believes that she will likely be arrested shortly.

Hollywood Life: Frank Parlato, the journalist who first published the horrors of NXIVM …

Vice: Frank Parlato was first to expose the alleged “sex cult” on his website before the New York Times picked up on the story last year.

Vancouver Sun: Frank Parlato, author of the blog the Frank Report, …first wrote about the brandings in June.

Parlato has also appeared in publications around the globe, such as: The Epoch Times, Stern (Germany), Aristegui Noticias (Mexico), Cine Click (Brazil), Blasting News (Switzerland), Elle (France), New Idea (Australia), Bravo TV (New Zealand), OE 24 (Austria), El Ciudadano (Chile), Kien Thuc (Vietnam), Tien Phong (Venezuela), La Prensa (Honduras), Dnevnik (Croatia), Haaretz (Israel), Tibet Sun (China), RCN Radio (Columbia) and more.


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