Lock Your Doors and Guard Your Wallets: Is Mayor Restaino Ignoring Crime for Centennial Park?

Cartoon courtesy Niagara Gazette

Niagara Falls has signs around the falls advising tourists: “Lock your car doors. Take your valuables. Enjoy your stay.”


The signs give tourists a frightful first impression that they won’t enjoy their stay, for they have entered a high crime area instead of a natural wonder.

Of course, Mayor Robert Restaino has lost the battle on crime, and the signs are truthful – for his attention is not on crime but on his boondoggle fantasy Centennial Park.

Still, do we have to scare off the tourists?

It’s essential to balance informing tourists about safety precautions while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.

Mayor Robert Restaino

Here are the Reporter’s alternative sign suggestions to convey the same safety message, but in a more positive manner:

1. Help us keep Niagara Falls safe: Secure your belongings and lock up before exploring!

2. We care about your valuables as much as you do: Please lock your car

3. Peace of Mind Tip: Lock your car and keep valuables out of sight

4. Explore with ease: Keep valuables secure and car doors locked

5. For your convenience: Please secure your valuables while enjoying Niagara Falls

6. Love your stay, love your stuff: Please lock up before you leave

7. Safety First: Kindly lock your vehicles and safeguard your valuables

8. Enjoy your adventure: Remember to secure your car and valuables

9. Welcome to Niagara Falls! Secure your belongings and embrace the beauty!

10. Let’s keep your memories safe! Secure your car and belongings

11. Peace of mind starts with a locked car. Enjoy Niagara Falls!

12. Niagara Cares: Remember to secure your vehicle and belongings!

13. Be carefree by being careful! Keep your valuables secure

14. Secure your memories and belongings, then soak in the sights!

15. Be smart, be safe! Secure your items before you explore

16. Your journey to wonder starts with a click! Please lock your cars

17. Safety first, wonders next! Ensure your belongings are secure

18. Unlock the Wonders of Niagara! But First, Lock Your Car

19. Preserve Your Perfect Day! Lock Up and Leap into the Falls

20. Unlock Nature’s Wonders—But Lock Your Car! Take Your Valuables and Explore

So as a memo to Mayor Restaino, too busy spending community money on lawyers to snatch land better suited for a data center for his Centennial Park folly: Maybe you could try to focus on priorities.

So the Reporter will also provide some additional signage suggestions to help.

The cost of them would be less than one month’s billings of his outside lawyers devouring the budget to take land by eminent domain that the city cannot afford for his Centennial Park, a 7,000 seat arena that the city does not have the money to buy, build or even pay the legal fees.

But the mayor cannot be bothered with reality.

A gunshot could whizz right by his head and he wouldn’t notice. He is too busy draining the police and community budgets to pay for attorneys to take land we can’t afford for a delusional dream.

So while we’re making sign suggestions, here are a few more for the Mayor to ponder:

1. “Centennial Park: A Costly Affair We Didn’t Ask For

2.”Warning: Planned Events Center Ahead, Proceed with Caution to Your Wallet

3. Centennial Park: Is It Worth the Price Tag?

4. Think Before You Build: Events Center or Data Center?

5. Taxpayer Alert: We Can’t Afford Centennial Park

6. Develop the Data Center: Say No to Centennial Park’s Unnecessary Expenditures

7. Community Alert: Is Centennial Park a Priority or a Luxury?

8. Public Notice: The Events Center Could End the Data Center

9. An Events Center? What About Our Essential Projects?

10. Our Community Deserves Financial Prudence. Rethink Centennial Park!

11. Progress Shouldn’t Impede Potential: Say No to the Events Center, Yes to the Data Project

12. Is the Events Center Worth the Price? Let’s Reassess and Prioritize

13. Centennial Park: Weighing Cost vs. Community Benefit

14. Prioritize Projects that Promote Growth. Think Twice About Centennial Park

15. Our Future Deserves Thoughtful Planning. Question the Centennial Park Initiative

16. Centennial Park: Is It the Best Use of Our Resources?

17. Community First! Let’s Make Decisions that Benefit Us All

18. Centennial Park: A Fiscal Fiasco Waiting to Happen!

19. Stop Wasting Our Money! No to Centennial Park!

20. Events Center: The Mayor’s White Elephant!

21. Killing Data Centers for Centennial Park? Not On Our Watch!

22. Financially Irresponsible! Rethink Centennial Park NOW!

23. Centennial Park: A Drain on Our Community!

24. Mayor’s Folly: Say NO to the Centennial Park Events Center!

25. We Can’t Afford the Mayor’s Vanity Project!

26. Prioritize Community, NOT Centennial Park!

27. Stop the Centennial Park Money Pit! Don’t Let Restaino Turn Centennial into His Folly!

28. Centennial Scheme: Restaino’s Grab for Your Cash!

29. Restaino’s Folly: Don’t Buy Into the Centennial Scam!

30. Centennial Park: Funding Restaino’s Agenda, Not Ours!

31. Say NO to Restaino’s Centennial Cash Grab!

32. Restaino’s Centennial Park: A Corrupt Money Pit!

33. Centennial Park: Where Taxpayer Dollars Go to Die!

34. Restaino’s Fantasy Park: We Can’t Afford It!

35. Centennial Park: A Monument to Restaino’s Mismanagement!

36.  Crime Signs Scare Off Niagara Tourists: Is Centennial Park to Blame?

37. Restaino’s Priorities Questioned as Tourists Lock Doors and Wallets

38.  Tourists Beware? Signage Fails to Make Visitors Feel Welcome

39.  From Locked Cars to Locked Funds: What is Mayor Restaino Really Up To?

40. Restaino’s Misguided Priorities: Centennial Park Over Public Safety?

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