Little Bakery, Wojtaszek, Tompkins and Others Surprise Niagara Falls Resident with Mower, Weed Trimmer

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By: Reporter Staff

The Little Bakery in Niagara Falls has been part of many feel-good stories since opening two years ago.

Today is no exception as owners Jason Conte and Samantha Bassett surprised a Niagara Falls resident – Shawn Le Vick – with a new lawn mover and weed trimmer. However, Jason and Samantha were not alone as District Attorney and candidate for County Court Judge Caroline Wojtaszek, Niagara Falls Police Officer Scott Bax, and Councilman Ken Tompkins, pitched in as well.


District Attorney, and candidate for Niagara County Court Judge, Caroline Wojtaszek and Shawn Le Vick.


Le Vick is extremely active in the Niagara Falls community for years. Jason and Samantha pointed to that as a reason for surprising him today.


Councilman Ken Tompkins (left) and Little Bakery owner Jason Conte (right).


“A friend of mine, Shawn Le Vick, got his lawn mower and weedwacker stolen the other day from his back yard,” wrote The Little Bakery on Facebook. “Shawn cuts grass all over the city, from abandon houses, to uncut lots. Most people don’t understand that It brings Shawn and his son great pride to their neighborhood.. We wanted to say thank you to him, and the City of Niagara Falls appreciates all that you do, Carl Cain, Owen Steed, Jason Conte, Ken Tompkins, Caroline Wojtaszek, Scott Bax!!”


Scott Bax (left) and Councilman Ken Tompkins (right).


Le Vick was shocked at the gesture and was seen smiling from ear to ear.

Wojtaszek told the Reporter, “I received a call from Jason Conte early this morning about Shawn’s property being stolen and immediately offered to help in any way I could. I could not think of a more deserving person than Shawn because of all he does in the Niagara Falls community each and every day.”



Councilman Ken Tompkins told the Reporter that he has known Shawn for many years and that he “is the definition of what it means to give back daily to your community.”



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