Little Bakery Owner, Jason Conte, Saves Woman from Horrific Motor Vehicle Accident in Niagara Falls

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By: Staff Reporter

A horrific accident on 65th and Niagara Falls Boulevard occurred around 5:50pm on Friday, July 24th, 2020, which resulted in four individuals being transported to the hospital for treatment.

One of the individuals, a woman, was trapped in her car after it rolled over onto its side. The vehicle was also on fire and smoking profusely under the hood. According to first responders, a pedestrian jumped to the woman’s aid and assisted in pulling her out.

That good samaritan was Jason Conte, owner of The Little Bakery in Niagara Falls.

“I didn’t do anything differently than anyone else would have,” wrote Jason on The Little Bakery’s Facebook page late Friday evening. “I saw a car flipped over and stopped to see if anybody needed any help. Somebody said something about a child and I looked and saw smoke coming from the car. You could see small flickers of flames from under the hood. All I did was climb up on the car and go though the top window to see if there was a child in need of help. Thankfully there was no child in the car, but there was a women who was semi-conscious. I helped pull her out of the car and then I left.”


Jason Conte.


Jason told the Niagara Reporter that he does not want to be called a hero. Rather, that he did what anyone else would do seeing someone in need.

“I didn’t do nothing heroic,” said Jason, “I did what anyone else would have done. I just hope the woman is okay.”

Going out of his way to help others is not something that comes as a surprise to any of us at the Niagara Reporter; or those in Niagara Falls for that matter. Since opening the Little Bakery in the past few years, both Jason and Samantha Bassett have done countless food giveaways, held community events, and made donations.

All four individuals injured as a result of the accident are in stable condition.


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