Libertarians To Interview Restaino for Endorsement

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Niagara Falls Mayoral Candidate Robert M. Restaino.


By: Tony Farina


The Libertarian Party candidate won enough votes in the 2018 gubernatorial race to win a ballot slot for the party and while they may be small in number, their Niagara County chairman is eager to run candidates and cross-endorse others seeking office in the November election.

The party has its first-ever candidate running for office in North Tonawanda for the office of clerk/treasurer. 

“We’ll run our own candidates and be cross-endorsing,” says Chairman Charlie Flynn, former vice chairman of the state Independence Party from 1998 – 2006.

Among those who could possibly receive the party’s cross-endorsement is Robert Restaino who already has the Democratic, Conservative, Independence, and Green Party lines for mayor of Niagara Falls.

The Libertarian Party will be interviewing candidates from Aug. 6 – Aug. 8 in Niagara Falls with Restaino scheduled for an interview on Aug. 6 with Kathleen Ligammari, chairman of the Niagara Falls committee and secretary of the party.

The Libertarian platform, says Flynn, is socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

“We believe the government should have the least possible role in people’s lives,” says Flynn.  The chairman says there are about 250 members of the newly formed Libertarian Party in Niagara County with the door open to new members.

The first Libertarian candidate running for office in Niagara County is Nick Phelps who is bidding for the job of clerk/treasurer against incumbent Mark Parish, a recent appointee.  Phelps and Francis Law are the first and second vice presidents, respectively, of the party.  The treasurer is Brian Owczarzak.

The Libertarians will hold a $99-per-person summer get-together and rally at Oppenheimer in Wheatfield on Wednesday, July 31, at Shelter 22.  


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